Romeo and Juliet 3rd of ESO

Els alumnes de l’optativa de literatura anglesa hem fet un mini teatre sobre Romeo i Julieta. Cada grup escenificava part de l’obra. Un grup el va modernitzar situant-lo en una discoteca. Cada grup feia el seu propi diàleg.               

Ara us deixem una petita explicaciò en angles amb unes fotos i uns videos. Esperem que us agradi.

Photo 1








In these images the students are representing a play invented by us based on the film of Shakespeare in Love. It is based on Romeo and Juliet. This is a beautiful story of two people who love each other but their families are enemies.

In this scene we are in the dance club with Mr. moustache. There is a long quarrel. We have adapted the play.

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